Lakeview Soccer

Lakeview is one of the southwest Calgary communities where Chinooks soccer club traditionally draws players from.

Lakeview soccer players have many choices when it comes to soccer clubs in Calgary. Many Lakeview soccer players choose Chinooks because they have outgrown their community club and want to step up to a club that is focused on tier 1 and 2/3 play, with elite technical training from internationally certified technical trainers.

A big bonus for Lakeview soccer players is that fact that Chinooks practice fields are located in and around Lakeview.  We truly are a “local” alternative.

If you live in Lakeview, and you are serious about soccer, then please consider registering with Chinooks!

Testimonials From a Chinooks Members:

  • “We love Chinooks! Chinooks have continuously shown integrity, respect, value and that commitments matter.” – U8 & U10 Parent
  • “I Love that the Chinooks parents, coaches, and technical trainers are passionate about the game of soccer and passing that love down to the players. My kids used to like soccer. Now my kids love soccer. They eagerly anticipate games, team practices or technical academy.” – U10 & U12 Parent
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