Congratulations! Sidnee Richardson

Sidnee Richardson from Chinooks United Drafted by Ryerson Rams

Sidnee Richardson

Sidnee Richardson

Sidnee has been a player with the Chinooks Soccer Club since U12. One of the main reasons that Sidnee stayed at Chinooks Soccer Club is because of the culture that was built around team play and development and not necessarily just winning. Due to her ongoing supportive coach Kemal Tahir and technical director Thomas Niendorf,  Sidnee’s technical and playing abilities were able to reach a high level. As a result, Sidnee was offered three soccer scholarships in addition to receiving $1000 from Shane homes in an All-Star game last year. What led Sidnee to Ryerson Rams in Toronto was the program development, the coaching staff and leadership, along with her program of interior design, which made it the perfect choice and destination to pursue her degree and to continue to play soccer at the varsity level. Our family is forever grateful for the time Sidnee spent at the Chinooks Soccer Club and the life lessons she has learned because of being a player here.

on the field chinook

Chinook United 98 team

It is with great pride that we see this young lady Sidnee off to Ryerson University with a soccer scholarship. Many congrats to Sidnee and her family. Watching this young lady grow over the past 7 years from a young player with good ball control to one of the most talented playmakers and goal scorers in the city has been a pleasure.  To watch a little girl grow into a young lady, feared on the field and respected off the field is an absolute honor.  Ambition, hard work, a very supportive family and a little coaching, we now have Sidnee Richardson. We wish Sidnee all the best and very much look forward to following her career over the next few years as I am sure you will hear more about this young lady.”

~ Coach KemalSidnee 2

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