Playing Time Expectations

Player development is maximized in game situations and players must be afforded time on the pitch in order to grow. At the start of the season, the team coaches must clearly communicate the consequences regarding absences and tardiness with or without excuses. The repercussions must be fair and applied to all players on the team.

U10 and U12 Development Teams

No player should play less than half of a game if committed to the program

Coaches should establish a rotation system that provides each player with opportunities for action and rest

At this level, there is no reason to bench a player

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Teams

No player should play less than an average of one-quarter of a game if committed to the program.

All discipline issues warranting a “benching” must be communicated with the Club TD staff.

The reasoning for the below average playing time must be clearly communicated with the athlete.

A player’s “performance” and “impact” during a game may impact playing time at this level. This must be effectively communicated to the athlete.

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