Program Outline – Age Group Structure

Age Group Born In
U4 2014
U5 2013
U6 2012
U7 2011
U8 2010
U9 2009
U10 2008
U11 2007
U12 2006
U13 2005
U14 2004
U15 2003
U16 2002
U17 2001
U18 2000
Men & Women 1999 & Older

Chinooks Soccer Club is home to the best Soccer Players in Calgary since 1974.

Our club offers programs for all ages. Focused on skill development for the younger players and continues into the older age groups with Academy Team Sessions.

Club Academy & Team Training Objectives

The academy and team training curriculum are structured to explore the development of the athlete to reach his/her personal goal and to improve in the team atmosphere. All of the club technical staff are highly educated and qualified to develop every concept of the game. We are providing a supportive, effective and innovative program that will empower players to improve their level of play. The training process will be consistent within training objectives, progressive in application and game related.

While our players train and compete as a unit and/or team our priority is to focus at all times on the individual player’s technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial development.

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper training is part of our Academy.  Goalkeepers are provided position-specific training to go along with team-based training to round out their overall goalkeeper development.  All ages and divisions are invited to attend.

Please click here to view more information about the Goalkeeping Academy training dates and more details and click here for our trainer’s resume.

Additional Team Training

For information on Chinooks extra staff training contact our Technical Director

Qualified Coaching

We take pride that our club works as a family. Over the past 40 years, Chinooks has been focused on selecting strong, dedicated & passionate coaches to work with our teams. Every coach is supported by our Technical staff on and off the field in many different ways:

  • Seasonal-plan meetings
  • Coaching Education clinics provided every season
  • Club Mentorship Program in place
  • Club set curriculums provided to all coaches
  • NCCP certification provided
  • Practice and Game support for all teams
  • Club Coaching gear provided (team equipment, clothing)

Track Suits and Clothing

Chinooks Soccer Club is always on the cutting edge of top end gear for our teams. We are an Adidas proud club and use Kicks Soccer Store to supply our teams quickly. Currently, our club tracksuit is the Adidas Condivo suit and all of our teams wear a Red/White or White/Red game jersey supplied to all players when they are placed on a team.

There are different types of fees to pay, below is a breakdown of what you pay and where it goes.

Mandatory Fees

Registration Fees: payable at time of registration. This includes:

  • ASA & CMSA Fees, Insurance
  • Field & Facility Costs
  • Professional Club Staff and Office Location

Academy Fees: when an athlete is placed on a team, the club will communicate the effective dates that this cost must be paid by. This includes:

  • Technical & Tactical Academy Training Costs (trainers, equipment)
  • Athletic Academy Training Costs (trainers, equipment)
  • Coaches Education Costs

Volunteer Commitment

As a non-profit club, we rely on volunteers to help us get things done right. This is a commitment made by every Chinook family, each season. Each family will be charged $100.00 at the time of registration. Anyone who provides volunteering efforts of a minimum of 10 hours will have their deposit refunded prior to the conclusion of any season.

Jersey Deposit

This is a refundable deposit. Every season, each athlete gets club supplied jerseys. At the end of the season, if the jerseys are missing or not returned, the Deposit is then cashed or charged to your credit card. This deposit is needed the same time as Registration Fees are due.

This fee excludes all U8 registrants as a CMSA sponsor will supply uniforms.

Academy, Team & Commitment Breakdown

Our club has a commitment structure, and inside this structure, you will find what each age group and level demands from a Chinooks athlete. Our Academy is mandatory for all Chinooks teams.

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