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About us

About Chinooks


To be an excellent soccer home for players seeking personal challenge and growth. 


To prepare players for life by giving them the opportunity to participate in a high performance team environment focusing on individual education and growth.   The Chinooks Club builds, creates and fosters a vibrant community dedicated to a lifelong passion for the game of soccer. 


The Chinooks Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of individuals through the sport of soccer. 


It is led by volunteers and dedicated staff with the talents and passion to create a first-class  soccer environment. Our sole reason to be is to develop and nurture the skills and potential of our players and our teams. 


Chinooks are committed to providing our players character building experiences to achieve individual growth, development and challenges in a competitive environment. 


Chinooks believe a soccer club is more than just about soccer... it’s about inspiring lifelong confidence and enriching the lives of our players with the powerful bonds and camaraderie of team sport. 


Chinooks builds a community of members and are positive contributors to our communities and a partner to community soccer, creating mutually beneficial alliances that help ensure players have a natural progression into club soccer. 

The philosophy of Chinooks Club is to use both personal and soccer development to build a positive community with families in Calgary. 

Player Education

The Chinooks Club has adopted the Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model, and incorporated unique elements of our European influenced program into the design.   This provides real-world professional experience from Europe combined with an age-appropriate athlete development model.  Each stage of the LTPD model has been incorporated into the design and implementation of program fundamentals by all coaches, trainers and technical staff at Chinooks.

About Chinooks FC

2001 Men's European Tour

2001 Men's European Tour

The Chinooks FC is a non-profit organization that is run by a Board of Directors elected annually by members at the Annual General Meeting. The club was established in 1974 as one of the six zoned teams in the city along with the Blizzards, Eagles, Eastside, Celtics, and Foothills. Initially, the zoned teams were for the Under 16 and 18 Boys categories while the communities managed the younger age groups. In the late 1970’s, CMSA added a Under 14 Boy’s programs followed by the introduction of the Girl’s program.
The club grew exponentially during the 1980’s and 1990’s with the addition of adult programs in Men’s and Women’s leagues, supporting 24 teams with over 400 members parallel to the growth of the city.  In mid-2000's, CMSA decided to lift the zoned restrictions allowing players to play with any club in the city.  In 2006, the club formed the Under 10 and Under 12 programs.
Today, Chinooks continues to support the city with programs from the Grassroot level (ages 4-6) to the youth (ages 7-19) and adult (ages 19+) levels.

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