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Club Guidelines

Club Coaching

Our club coaches are expected to help with the technical, tactical and physical development of all players. By being a role model for our youth, our coaches follow guidelines for many different procedure guidelines for things such as playing time, encouragement, positivity and work rate.

The players always play to win but the coaches focus will be on consistent play at their highest potential (through effort & execution) and improving and peaking at the right times. We want Chinook teams to be known as the hardest working teams, the teams that play with the most passion, heart, fair play and also play the most attractive style of soccer (skilful, possession emphasis).

Team tournaments & Travel

Our recommendation is for each team to attend approximately 1 – 3 tournaments or travel dates per season. Out of province travel must be approved by the club Technical Director.

The Club does not cover any team travel costs or any travel costs for the coaching staff of any team. It will be up to each team to manage the financial budget of the travel involved. If the team’s head coach is a non-parent coach, the team must also make arrangements to cover all travel costs (gas, room & board, basic meals). If the head coach is a parent coach, it will be up to the team to discuss financial compensation for their travel.

Our teams should try to buy as much food while on the road, rather than going to numerous restaurants as this will keep costs down. Healthy eating is also a must while our teams are away from home.

There should be a team itinerary created by the team manager, coach or travel coordinator. This must be followed by all involved with the team. These travel plans are not for family vacations but for team building, development and a positive culture for everyone involved.

Team Apparel

All requests for additional team gear must be approved by the club Technical Director. All players must wear their given Chinook jerseys during games and wear a club tracksuit with pride. Chinooks is a Red, White & Black color affiliation. Additional Chinooks gear is available and must be discussed with the club Technical Director.

Player Commitment

Our club expects that all players have an approximate attendance percentage of 75% for all team activities. Some teams may have different commitment levels but this will be communicated from the coaching staff. Proper communication to the team’s head coach and/or manager is a important expectation for each player.

If a player is not committed to the club and team guidelines, playing time can be affected. Please see our playing time expectations found on our website to read more.

Our club accepts less player commitment due to School final exams and items as such.

Parent Commitment

We want our club to not just have the best players but the best parent supporters. Please see our Parent Guidelines found on our website.


Every team is expected to have a team Management system in place, based on volunteers. We recommend the minimum management system is a Team Manager to help the coaching staff focus on their tasks at hand. Assistance with setting up nets or running lines for games is also expected.

Teams may wish to also have a treasurer and tournament coordinator based on the level of play / commitment level. Some of these volunteer roles will also help with the family volunteer credit. The $100.00 volunteer bond collected at registration will be cashed or deposited if your commitment is not met.


Each team will have a different budget due to the following items:

  • Tournaments & Travel Locations
  • Cost of destination travel and insurance if needed (roster approval)
  • Extra team gear
  • Additional player development training (technical, physical, nutrition, psychology, etc.)
  • Exhibition Games (referee, field)

Our teams should always prepare a budget for the families involved at the beginning of each season.


It is hoped that all teams participate in some form of fundraising to offset some of the financial expectations. All fundraising activities must adhere to the Club guidelines or get approval by the Board of Directors.

Players Bag

All players bags should have the following items:

  • Team jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards
  • Cleats
  • Full Water Bottle
  • Soccer Ball
  • Carbohydrates (granola bars, apples, Cheerios, trail mix, etc)

Optional Items:

  • Extra pair of shin pads and socks
  • Athletic Tape and Pro Wrap
  • Extra Shoelaces
  • Band Aids
  • Bug Repellent (outdoor season)
  • Sun Screen (outdoor season)
  • Warm Sweater (outdoor season)
  • Toque and gloves (outdoor season)
  • Garbage Bag (to cover kit bag if raining in outdoor season)


Calgary Chinooks Soccer Club  


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Phone Number:   403-263-5831  
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