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Club Volunteer

Volunteer work is necessary to operate a high-quality soccer program. Chinooks is comprised of a fantastic group of parents who are willing to step forward and help us make our organization successful. The time commitment is appreciated and beneficial in allowing us to keep our costs at a reasonable level.

We have 2 levels of volunteers:

  • Level 1– Volunteer Positions that automatically receive the Volunteer Exemption: Coach, Assistant Coach, and Team Manager
  • Level 2 – Volunteer Positions that carry a credit and Volunteer Exemption: Director, Age Group Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, volunteer at a Club Casino, and helped the Team Manager with significant hours

There are opportunities to volunteer throughout a season. We track all instances of volunteer participation at Chinooks. During each season, Chinooks collects from each family a volunteer deposit of $100. If you do not volunteer, then your volunteer bond will not be refunded.

Explanation of Volunteer Positions: Details for each volunteer position are as follows. Details include the credit value and contact information if you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Chinooks.

Coach – Volunteer Level 1

Primary Role: Coaching a soccer team

Contact Ashley Gibbs: Technical Director at

Other Information: A CMSA Team Officials Card and PIC (Police Security Policy Clearance), coaching certificate is mandatory. Click HERE for more information.

Assistant Coaches and Team Managers – Volunteer Level 1

These roles are normally assigned once the team selection process is complete. The Coaches positions are normally decided by the Technical Director or at the team’s initial meeting at the start of each season. A CMSA Team Officials Card, Police Clearance (PIC) and Respect in Soccer is mandatory.

Director- Volunteer Level 2 plus a $200 credit

Primary Role: Serve on elected Board of Directors, one meeting per month

Contact Chinooks President at

Feel free to contact any current director from under Contact Us

Equipment Coordinators – Volunteer Level 2 plus a $100 credit

Primary Role: Responsible for keeping track of all inventories: jerseys, equipment for coach’s bags, and first-aid kits. Oversee volunteers.

Contact Office Administration at

Other Information for both Coordinators: Access to Internet and familiarity with some spreadsheet manipulation is a must.

Safety Advocate – Volunteer Level 1

The Safety Advocate is a new mandatory role from CMSA.  The safety advocate will be required to complete the NCCP Concussion module (or other equivalent training) prior to the commencement of a season Concussion Resources. 

As Needed – Volunteer Level 1

Parents, guardians, or players are needed with general work at Chinooks as needed. Emails will come from the club administrator throughout the season asking for help

Contact Chinooks Office Administrator at

Other Information: General opportunities are posted under Volunteer Opportunities of the Chinooks Website.

Equipment Helpers – Volunteer Level 1

Primary Role: Equipping coaches bags before the start of the season (balls, cones, pinnies, pumps, nets, linesman flags, etc) Sorting and compiling team jersey bags.

First-Aid Kit Helpers – Volunteer Level 1

Primary Role: Cleaning out and restocking the First aid kits before the start of the season


Calgary Chinooks Soccer Club  


#200, 3505 – 14th St. SW,    Calgary, AB T2T 3W2

Phone Number:   403-263-5831  
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