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Jersey Policy

This policy is to formalize practices in place regarding the retention and use of game jerseys owned by the Southwest Chinooks Soccer Association (Chinooks)

  • All jerseys remain the property of Chinooks
  • Chinooks jersey colors, as registered with Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA), shall be red and white
  • All Chinooks jerseys shall carry the Chinooks logo on the front of the jersey and shall be numbered on the back of the jersey
  • Chinook issued jerseys must we worn for all games, competitions and activities sanctioned by Chinooks, CMSA, Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) and Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). Use for other purposes is prohibited
  • Chinooks requires a cheque postdated to the end of the season of play from each player’s parent/ guardian to issue a jersey to a player. The value of the deposit shall be determined each season by the Board of Directors of Chinooks
  • Chinooks will issue the appropriate number of jerseys to each team
  • Jerseys shall be assigned to players and a team official shall file a copy of player names and jersey numbers to the Chinooks Office
  • Any alteration to jerseys is prohibited
  • The addition of remembrance patches to jerseys may be requested by letter to the Board of Directors of Chinooks. Patches may not be permanently affixed. If approval is granted patches must be removed at the end of season of play without damage to the jersey
  •  At the end of the playing season, a team official shall collect all jerseys and return them washed and in good condition to the Chinook Jersey Coordinator. Any members with missing/damaged jerseys shall have their deposit cashed.
  • For indoor 2017-2018, the date that jersey deposits of $100.00 will be cashed is March 30, 2018.    For outdoor 2018, the date that jersey deposits of $100.00 will be cashed is September 30, 2018.


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