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Parent Expectation

Parents and Guardians must understand that a player’s commitment to their team is contingent on a resource to get them to and from games, practices and technical/athletic sessions. This is most important for our younger players who have joined Chinooks and rely on their parents to do so. We appreciate all that you do to allow the kids to enjoy the game of soccer.

In order to help your child get the most from our program, please ensure that the player is prompt in their arrival and departure from team events. Players are expected to be in attendance 40 minutes prior to games, 15 minutes prior to practice and 30 minutes prior to friendly games. Consistent variance from this could result in loss of playing time and potential benching.

Parents are traditionally welcome to observe practices, however, they must refrain from comment and direct interaction with their child during the session. Occasionally sessions may be closed based on the Coaches request.

Parents are encouraged to attend all games and support the team as one unit. At no time should parents coach, criticize, confront or make negative comments regarding the team, their opposition, the officiating or the coaching. Parents under no circumstances are to coach the players while on the field. Generic applauds and cheers are welcomed for the team in general. The kids deserve to hear your approval! Comments such as “Shoot”, “Pass”, “Get it”, are counter-productive. Kids need to think freely and discover the game themselves to truly develop.

Sideline support should be balanced and team oriented. There is nothing they need more than a full bleacher of fans.

Parents must abide by the 24-hour rule regarding coaching concerns. Refrain from approaching coaching staff at the soccer centers, game or practice facilities. The coaching staff strongly urges parents to encourage their children to discuss their concerns and playing issues directly with the coaching staff. All parent concerns need to be addressed directly to the coaching staff. We will do all we can to be as open as possible to players’ concerns. We are here to facilitate their growth.

Please educate yourself about the game of soccer.

Parents are asked to refrain from discussing team concerns within earshot of their aspiring athlete. The children adopt our thinking, and issues with coaches, players and parents should be reserved as adult issues and isolated from the impressionable athlete.

Parents are expected to ensure that all athletes are well equipped for their sessions. Please ensure that all player equipment is safe and suitable for the athlete’s development. A simple “do you have everything” may not be enough. Please ensure that the athlete has their gear, water bottle, carb-shot and has the required nutrition/hydration for the activity.


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