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Team Selection

The Chinooks will be fielding Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 male and female teams in the U7 to U19 age groups. Teams will be assembled and compete in the highest divisions possible based on the direction from Technical Staff and team coaching staff.



We will prepare players for life by giving them the opportunity to participate in a high performance, team oriented, development focused, professionally run soccer Club. The Chinooks Club will build, create and foster a vibrant community of members dedicated to a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.

The club is looking to build on its past experience to deliver a soccer program that focuses on the following:

  • Promoting the technical and athletic development of all players at Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 level.
  • Providing an affordable program that is operated on a pay for use basis.
  • Developing and attracting elite coaching staff.

Team Makeup
It is the philosophy of the Club to provide athletes with as much continuity as possible through their Chinook playing experience. In accordance with this philosophy, teams will be assembled by age (by year of birth where possible), to establish ‘cores’ for the following indoor season. This will better establish continuity and consistency within the team environment throughout a player’s development with Chinooks.

Player Evaluations

Evaluations may consist of practices, technical sessions, formal evaluation sessions, parent/player discussions/interviews, coach evaluations, and previous season metrics.

Placement on teams will be based on merit. We are looking for both talented players and well-rounded players who help build a complete team.

The following qualities will be evaluated throughout the evaluation period:

  • Athletics – Player’s ability to demonstrate solid athletic performance. Evaluators assess a player’s quickness, speed, endurance, strength and size.
  • Technical – Player’s ability with the ball at their feet. Technical evaluation will focus on dribbling, passing and trapping.
  • Game Sense – Player’s ability to grasp soccer concepts and think in a composed and creative manner. Game Sense will be greatly established by a player’s presence off the ball.
  • Character Traits – This is where intangibles come into play such as second effort, leadership, communication and establishing a ‘positive’ presence.

Seeding Process

1. Player Assessment Forms for returning players.
All returning players will have a documented evaluation on file with the club. Player assessments are completed by their prior coaching staff and submitted upon conclusion of the season. All players are given a numerical value and ranking relative to their immediate team environment. Any discipline and/or commitment issues that may possibly impact player placement will be noted. These assessments will be reviewed by the technical staff and will be utilized to establish a players initial seeding. These will also be used as reference by the coaching staff to track the development of Chinook Players. These assessments evaluate players based on the following criteria.

  • Technical Ability First Touch / Passing / Dribbling 1 vs. 1 / Shooting & Finishing / Shielding / Trapping
  • Athletic Ability Speed and quickness / Endurance / Size / Strength
  • Game Sense Defensive ability / Vision / Decision Making / Communication
  • Character Traits Commitment / Discipline / Desire and Drive

2. Initial Seeding for players new to Chinooks.
The process for newly registered Chinook players has been established to provide all players with an open opportunity to be placed at the most suitable level of play. All newly registered players will follow the identical process as is conducted by returning Chinook players.

New players to the Chinook soccer club will be seeded at the level of play in which they participated the previous season. Players will be grouped with returning players of similar ability, and participate in the game evaluation stage.

Team Selection Process
Dialog will take place consistently between coaches and technical staff during the evaluation period. This dialog will surround positional play, strengths, weaknesses and team complexion. The final placement decision rests with the Technical Staff.

The Technical Staff will ensure that all selections are supportable. Other variables that may be considered during team selection include.

Extenuating circumstances (Missed try-outs due to illness, etc)

At tier 2/3, coaches will take into consideration team cores and players age when selecting their teams.

Keeper Evaluations
It is critical that keepers identify themselves to the technical staff and age group coordinators. The role (part-time, half-time, full-time) should also be clarified.

Keepers will be incorporated into all small sided games and evaluation activities. At times, this role may be as a player so that we can assess their abilities on the pitch. Keepers may be isolated on occasion with the assessment staff so that we may focus on specific components of their game. Keepers will be assessed on the following through each stage of the process.
Hands: Ability to cushion and absorb the ball at varying heights and speeds.
Agility: Ability to move quickly and efficiently from near post to far post and recover after committing to the ball.
Angles: Ability to effectively break down the path of the ball.
Diving: A player’s confidence and ability to aggressively attack the path of the ball in flight.
Distribution: Ability to deliver the ball effectively, make effective distribution decisions, incorporate ability to become additional field player
Communication: Ability to support and direct the defensive unit in a confident and productive manner.
Game Knowledge: Players ability to grasp soccer concepts and think in a composed and creative manner. Game Sense will be greatly established by a player’s presence off the ball.

Keeper Selection Process

  1. Simply put, the most highly evaluated keeper will go on the top team whether they are part time or full time. In the event that the top selected keeper is a half time keeper, the coach can then select the next best half time keeper. This keeper must be at a level where he/she can also contribute as a player. If there is no half time keeper within this range, the coach must select a full time keeper with the half time keeper playing the role of back-up.
  2. Half time keepers will traditionally be placed on a team that is within their player evaluation. This can change depending on family feedback and documented request.
  3. It is recommended that each team has 1 full time goalie, unless the family has requested a full time back up/shared role. This must be confirmed by the Technical Director.


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