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Youth Registration

Registration Details – Indoor 2019-2020


The Chinooks Program in CMSA is offered from U7 to U19 in Tiers 1, 2, and 3.  The program is comprised of:

CMSA Game Play - Chinooks participates in Tier 1, 2, and 3 of U7 to U19 leagues with Calgary Minor Soccer Association against the best competition in Calgary.  The key goal with competition is to be able to take everything you learn in practices and academy, and apply it in competitive situations where you are under pressure, providing opportunities to learn to think independently and creatively and to perform as a team.  At the higher age levels, this learning turns into competing to win, however our goal is always to develop the player in a team concept throughout this process.

Chinooks Team Practices - together with your coach and teammates, Chinooks team practices are a way for you to work on skills, tactics and strategies of playing soccer.  Depending on your age, you will focus more or less on different aspects of the game, and will learn to incorporate your individual skills and abilities into a team setting.

Chinooks Academy - technical skill training designed to build individual mastery for all age levels over all core concepts that lead to functional application in game or game-like situations.  Fitness is incorporated into academy training sessions at all ages.

Chinooks Fitness Training - fitness training is incorporated into Chinooks Academy sessions as part of the academy session (at no additional charge). 

Chinooks Tier 1 Fitness Training - Tier 1 players will be provided additional fitness, which is included as an additional Academy charge for this Tier.  Teams or players in lower tiers may be invited (or indicate an interest) to join at an additional cost, which can be discussed  with the Technical Director on an individual or team basis.  

Fitness Training is provided to athletes typically at U11 age and older, and is geared to age-specific requirements, along with planning for pre-season, in-season and post-season requirements.  

Club Coaches Honorarium - Chinooks Club Coaches (non-parent coaches) are involved in a significant portion of team practices and games.  In consideration of their efforts the Chinooks levies an honorarium fee to each player in order to provide an honorarium to the Club Coach to cover for items such as gas money. 

Goalkeeper Academy - goalies are invited to train in our weekly Goalkeeper Academy sessions, included in the Academy fees for goalies.

Coaches Training and Mentorship - as part of ongoing development of our coaches, and future coaches, we will have regular on-field coaches training and mentoring throughout the season, often incorporated in conjunction with activities running in parallel, including Chinooks Academy and Fitness and at practice and game situations.

Registration, Evaluations and Pre-season Preparation

Regular Registration is available until September 20, 2019, and by registering by that date you can save yourself some money on base registration fees.  Registrations after September 20, 2019 will incur a late fee of $100, and will only be allowed based on availability of spots in select age groups. (this does not apply to our Grassroots program).

We are still accepting registrations in various age groups based on  availability and fit.


Evaluations will occur indoors September 21 - 27 at the Absolute Dome.

Teams will be announced by Thursday, October 3, with practices to commence Tuesday, October 8.

There are no full refunds after our registration closing date.

Fees for CMSA League Teams in U7 - U19 consist of a Registration Fee and an Academy Fee. Registration fees are due based on the Registration fee for the age of the player when you sign up to join us, and Academy fees are based on the player's placement on a team and the # of Academy and other fitness/sport-related sessions that the team will participate in over the course of the season.  The number of games, academy sessions and practices will vary based on your player age and team level.  In addition, CMSA season will run from October 25 to varying dates into March 2020 based on your age and level, along with fixed days/nights versus every day/night of the week for older teams after U12.  Please refer to the following table to understand more details on fees, season, playoffs/provincials, academy sessions, practices and other important program details.